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Episode 3 – Friday Night Bites

September 28th, 2009 by Watch The Vampire Diaries

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Is The Vampire Diaries your new favorite show? If yes, yay, I’m not the only one! This is INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. UNREAL.

Episode 3 of The Vampire Diaries is called “Friday Night Bites.


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  1. amber says:

    OMG! i LOVE LOVE LOVE Stephan. PLUS what makes his character so much better is Paul Wesley, and he is so fabulous!

  2. amber says:


  3. cindy says:

    i love the show but the book is so better..besides STEFAN IS SO FINE!!

    • people.person says:

      yep same here i think that the bookis better
      she blonde in the book and that seems2 suit her better

  4. Emily says:

    I LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anna Paquin says:

    In the end Elena is dead … I’m sorry… She want to save Stefan and Damon… So she kill Katharine and her self ;( I think she is do good job because she loves they and she don’t know who she loves more Stefan or Damon … Hard choice …

    • lauren says:

      uhmm anna paquin yeah thats really ur name NOOOO that is the name of the girl who plays sookie stackhouse in trueblood you probably jus like true blood more than vamp diaries so ur makin up stuff …
      your lamee

    • amber s says:

      whoa I didn’t think she liked Damon. I am just starting to read the books haha

    • ashley, says:

      way to ruin the book for everyone that hasn’t read them yet..
      next time, have some brains and write “spoilers” ?! kthanks.
      “If your comment contains spoilers from the book please add the text *SPOILERS* at the beginning of your comment before pressing submit.” liike read before you submit, ?!

  6. Dibella says:

    *** Anna If your comment contains spoilers from the book please add the text *SPOILERS* at the beginning of your comment before pressing submit. Just because you know what is going on not everyone wants to know..Then what would be the point of even watching the show??

    • Victoria says:

      The point is to read the books, which is where this Anna got it from in the first place. But don’t worry, the show is nothing like the books. At all (I’m surprised that the names were kept the same. Even the main characters are different, only the guys were pretty close).
      So yes, don’t worry.

      • April says:

        I have to agree. Its been almost 7 years since I read all the books back in high school. I am starting to watch the first few episodes that I missed when starting to watch this. There is a lot that is different from the books and the show. I started reading the first book again two nights ago and thought I was caught up to about where I was when I first started watching the show. Then I watched the first episode and was like, “Wait, Damon is already here?!” So im shocked they even kept the names (or most of them) the same. I like the show and I like the books. Its need to see how they kept some things the same or just changed it a little bit. I would tell anyone that likes to show to read the books too, they are really good!

    • natalie murray says:

      the point of watching the show is to see amazingly hot guyz… mostly Stefan….LOVE HIM……. cant wait for the nxt episode …… the 13 episode i think

  7. Dibella says:

    this is the CWs Best show

  8. nazy says:

    where is it?!

    • chanelle says:

      i think they’re gonna post it at 6 pm pst time. bc doesnt it air at 8 -9?? if it does, then the show ( on tv ) ends at 6 pm pst time.. so maube at 6 or a little after

  9. damonlover says:

    I dont know what you guys see in stefan but i absolutely adore damon in character as well as actor… he is like the best character x love him x

  10. debraj says:

    I’m disappointed in the show. The characters are very cute, but not much story. Somewhat unbelieveable that no one seems to spend much time in school and the evil older brother – well maybe that part of the storyline gets better. I haven’t read the books, but I’m not sure that I would based on the show so far. Hope it gets better.

  11. may says:

    i love vampire diaries is the best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stefan <33333

  12. Vickian says:

    the vampire diaries suck ass!!!!! the only good things is pual and ian becuz there hott, its a total rip off of twilight saga cuz elena is described as an ice princess blonde hair and blue eyes, its funny how they decided to make look like bella from twilight with brown hair and eyes!!! and elena doesnt have a brother in the vampire diaries books!!! the vampire diaries came out in 1991, its highlarious how they decide to make show of it now, when da twilight saga is madd famous!!! lj smith is pathetic!!

    • MARIAH loves DIMITRI! says:


    • cam says:

      L.J Smith is a great writer. She writes a lot of vampire series. Vampire diaries was published waaaaayyy before the twilight series. The only reason this is a rip off is that someone had the good sense to take a book that appeals to the young adults and adults about vampires and make it into a movie. And so another someone probably who wants to make money is going with the flow and appeal to the people who are interested in that kind of story line and looked for another series and found L.J Smith’s published book. It wouldn’t surprise me if another show comes out and next thing u know the Nightworld is another tv series.

  13. M says:

    cant u go write that on some ‘i hate vamp diaries’ web site!!?? and no matter what u say teh vamp diaries is still the best show ever!! and every one els in here love the books AND the show so!! and btw its spelled PAUL.. and stop saying Lj smith is pathetic cuz she wrote the books BEFORE anybody knew twilight, and she didnt make this show!!!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT AND VAMP DIARIES!!!

  14. hannahh says:

    favourite show even though im from england i watch it over the internet woooo!

  15. Quig says:

    Isn’t the guy who plays Damon Spencer off of iCarly??? lol

  16. idk says:

    i love it, its just a bit too scary for me!

  17. Llevyathan says:

    I normally stay away from series/movies based off of books as there usually very disapointing. They usually keep a few names/ similarities, but the rest is pretty much like a AU fanfict.

    I was a bit worried after seeing what they did with ‘True blood’ which is loosely based on the Sookie Stackhouse books, but so far, i’m actually liking this series.

    I know they have changed alot from the book, but i actually like the 3 main actors they chose and they seem to be portraying there parts well. Even if they made Elena a brunette in here.

    And to all the over-the-board twillight fans out there (not the normal fans, but the ones that are obssessed and think twillight is the only name when it comes to vampire stories and that everything else in a rip-off of it), as a few of the people have said, L.J Smith’s books came out first. If you can find the first prints of the book you will see.

    And you know, that wouldn’t surprise me. Since this seems to be the ‘hot’ thing right now, next thing we’ll know they’ll be making some “Night World” series, or even Anita Blake.

    I’m still very curious about this series. And the way it will go. I wonder if they will make it follow somewhat like the books? If they do, i’ll be very much looking to how they do the ending. Well, at least for the first series. =)

  18. saba says:

    i havent read the vampire series yet but ive read other L.J. Smith books.
    i think shes one of the most talented auhors aside from j.k. rowling and some others
    ive decided its best for me not to read the books until im done wacthing all the episodes becuase i was highly dissapointed when they made twlight the books were amazingggg but i was worried theyd mess up vampire diares and i would hate it.
    but soo far sooo good :)

  19. two-seirutneclove says:

    When i first saw the trailer of The Vampire Diaries, i was pretty much shocked cause it doesn’t really go with the book. But as i started watching, i think it’s alright because it’s really exciting. Watching it makes my heart pound. Seriously, awaiting for the next second of what would happen.

    But i’m kinda disappointed cause i expected to see Meredith in this show. But now, only Bonnie and Caroline(?) is inside.. And all of it seems a far cry from the original. I just hope that it won’t disappoint me though. Really wished to see the others scenes like when Elena loses her diary.. etc.

    Okay, bye.

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If your comment contains spoilers from the book please add the text *SPOILERS* at the beginning of your comment before pressing submit.