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Episode 2 – The Night of the Comet

September 17th, 2009 by Watch The Vampire Diaries

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Episode 2 – The Night of the Comet of The Vampire Diaries!!Mystic Falls begins the preparations to celebrate the passing of a comet. Vicki recuperates in the hospital from her injuries. Stefan uses his abilities to erase Vicki’s attacker from her memory, but is interrupted by Matt. Mr. Tanner warns Aunt Jenna about Jeremy. Elena and Damon meet for the first time at the Salvatore house and his revelation on Stefan’s past brings Elena closer to the truth. Damon finds his next victim in Caroline. WATCH NOW

the vampire diaries episode 2

Click HERE To Start Watching Episode 2 – The Night of the Comet

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No Responses to “Episode 2 – The Night of the Comet”

  1. Rebecca_Bishop says:

    This tv show is kick ass and the books are all great. Worts waiting for the episodes, I can tell.

  2. Eren says:

    madd it beats twilight
    cant wait to actually watch it
    and no powdery faces so thats good =))

    • This5tuff says:

      True, much better than twilight, looks better

    • I Love TvD says:

      AS If I Could Not Choose Between Twilight, True Blood, Or The Vampire Diaries, They Are All Sooooo Good In Their Own Ways

    • Maddie says:

      there is no why this show or the books are better then twilight
      twilight was better written, and this tv show doesn’t even follow the books all the people they choose don’t work

      • vampire diaries gal says:

        you are not suggesting that you are crazy the vampire diaries are way better than twilight,twilight doesn’t have that much action and sucks so get a life

      • Mercedes says:

        Its all about opinion, I like Twilight better then Vampire Diaries. I do have to admit that there is more action in Vampire Diaries but Twilight is more romantic, its suppose to show the sweeter side to vampirism.

        • GG says:

          there is no such thing s a sweet vamp. edward is a FICTIONAL character. I think you need to b tested for insanity!

          • :) says:

            ur bagging edward cause his a fictional character, well then why are you even
            watching vampire diaries cause as far as i no vampires in this show aren’t real too.

          • Bella Dahi says:

            How would you know if theres such thing as sweet vampires, did you make the whole of vampire history?

            no i ddnt thiink soo.

        • Bella Dahi says:

          So true lol….it doesnt mean i dont like vd i love it infact just prefer twilight…i love romance

        • S.A.M. says:

          if you like twlight better than go find a web about them and stop teeling us that twlight is better!!!! !@#@!@##$$%^ &&*%$@#@$#@@!@!#!@

      • Ali says:

        I loved the Twilight books but are you kidding? The movie sucked arse! The characters are nothing like they are portrayed in the books – Edward is so woosie and the movie skipped over so many important parts.
        Also, the make up was really bad. The whole thing just looks like it was slapped together as quickly as possible so they could make a few bucks.

        • dani says:

          wow, i agree so much. in twilight they missed out character. for a start, one of bella’s best friends. the books were so much better. &i think kristen stewart makes bella look so awkward :/

      • GG says:

        you are an idiot!!! The twilight books were coppying this series. Twilight is:

        bad acting
        ugly actors
        shitty script
        bad director
        and just pain stupid!

        And this is so much more realistic and it has a better soundtrack!!

        • WTF says:

          FYI, the Twilight books were made before this television show. So how did they copy it?

          • Hate Twilight says:

            Well, the Vampire Diaries series were made before Twilight.

            Twilight obviously copied the concept of vampire-guy-loves-human-bombshell-and-were-classmates-in-some-high-school-class-and-tries-hard-not-to-suck-her-blood-so-he-leaves-her-at-some-point-to-protect-her and added stupid things like sparkling vampires and shit.

            Gosh, I can’t believe Twilight is still famous.

            • Bella Dahi says:

              ?? LMFAO! Twilight Was Always Famous..
              You Have Some Serious ISSUES! :s
              And Plusss What The Fish About This Copied That..That Copied This For God’s Sake Its All Fiction! So What You Stupid Dimwits! And Also All Of The Vampire Stuff Goes All The Way Bk Down To Dracula..So Just Get Hell Over It..ITS FICTION For Crying Out Loud! And Plus Both Stephanie Meyer And J.L Smith Are Outstanding Writers. So Just Sit Back Relx And Enjoy The Novels/Films/Tv Series…..;D

          • S.A.M. says:

            well the VD copied from the books and they were made before the twlight books so ya twlight copied TheVD BIG TIME!!!!!!!!

      • S.A.M. says:

        you are so rong you J.A.

    • Naalie says:

      definatly twilight the movie, but the series is one my favourites, Right behind the sookie stackhouse series!!!! Luv Trueblood:]

    • tony says:

      this tv show its fun but i have to say im a big fan of twilight and this is a cheap copy of twilight… the main character its a poor imitation of edward.

      • GG says:

        dummy twilight is a cheap imitation of this, and twilight was written really badly. It is a sht movie so sucks to you!

      • Hate Twilight says:

        Excusez-moi, but the Vampire Diaries book series, the basis for this TV show, was written in 1991, 14 years before Twilight, so please shut up about Vampire Diaries becoming a “cheap copy” of Twilight, because FYI, it’s the other way around.

        • Bella Dahi says:

          does it really matter…sheesh you and your rules, you dont own the world you know..ppl can think what they want..even if they are wrongg!

      • dani says:

        HAH. what the actual fuck? a poor imitation of edward? edward cullen wishes he could kick ass like stefan and damon salvatore. how can this be a cheap copy of twilight, when the vampire diaries was written first? wow some people are so dumb.

    • Tahnzz says:


  3. Rebecca_Bishop says:

    Oh yeah. Without powdery faces they kinda look much more real

  4. Vampireluvver says:

    YAY LOVE THIS SHOW!! Does Elena really die????? aww tht suckkkkss

  5. Vampireluvver says:

    anyways… so who luvvs this show. Tru blood is cool 2

  6. vamp09 says:

    yeah she does in a car crash but she gets turned into a vampire so its all good lol

  7. This5tuff says:

    This beats twilight, much more realistic, and awesome. (And the vamps done glitter in the light… thank god)

    But i think TrueBlood is better (15 minutes till new TrueBlood!)

    • BeautifulBlush says:

      This does not beat twilight the book. and so what if they sparkle in sunlight, its more creative. yeah it beats the MOVIE NOT THE BOOK.

      • Cheyenne says:

        No, it beats the book too. The Vampire Diaries books are amazing. They have more depth, a better plot, and isn’t just an excuse to have a humanxvampire romance. Twilight is relatively plotless with a few tiny issues every now and then. I mean, Breaking Dawn? That book was crap.

  8. Jessi says:

    TWILIGHT the movie sucked already…but compared to this….woah.
    The man is hotter…the girl not awkward…it just has a better storyline.


    • annais says:

      YESS i totaly agree with u

      • BeautifulBlush says:

        Twilight the movie sucks but the book is soo much better than the movie. Twilight the book is better than Vampire diaries, but the vampire diaries is better than the twilight movie. the actors and actress from the vampire diaries are better than the actors and actress from twilight the movie.

  9. ghostbuster says:

    this is way better than twilight the people can actuarly act and the girl is HOT!

    • BeautifulBlush says:

      This is way better than twilight THE MOVIE. i really agree with you. the girl is pretty and they can act whereas kristen stewart and robert pattison just cant act.

  10. Brookelle says:

    i liked twilight, but this kicks ass! it darker, stefan salvatore is hotter than edward cullen, there…i love everything about this! cant wait until this thurdays for the next one!

    • Brittney says:

      the actor that plays stefan salvatore should have played edward cullen. well atleast in my mind.

    • xoxedwardxox says:

      actually edward cullen in the book is way hotter than stefan salvatore. But stefan salvatore is better than robert. Twilight the book is better than the vampire diaries.

  11. Evangeline says:

    I have only watched the first episode from The Vampire Diaries and I can tell that I am going to LOVE IT!!! Personally I think Damen is HOOOTTTT!!!!

  12. ChristianGirl238 says:

    I LoVe this show! I can’t wait for episode #2! & you guys are right, it something to watch until New Moon comes into the theater (Nov.20, can’t wait!!)

  13. Katie says:

    As a fan from Australia, it hasn’t aired here officially yet….But I have seen the first episode. It’s a bit different from the books, and some characters are missing/changed, etc, but it’s still fantastic. Can’r wait from ep2! (And hopefully DVDs!) XD

  14. Guest says:

    Isn’t episode 2 supposed to be aired already ? So why isn’t it online yet ?

  15. sarah says:

    episode 2 should have been on by now! hurry up!!1

  16. kasandra says:


  17. Monica says:

    Yes This show is amazing and For everyone who said it was better than twilight I have to disagree. Witrh twilight its not about being believable. No!!! its suppose to be out there like a dream!! I mean Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries are all amazing and I couldn’t pick a favorite but True Blood shouldnot be on HBO and The First movie of Twilight Was bad because of the director made them act that way. Why do you think she got fired?? But so far This show has no mistakes

    • xoxEdwardCullenxox says:

      noo i diagree with you, twilight the movie was bad not only because of the director but it is also because of the actors. they can’t act. but twilight the book is better than vamp diaries but vamp diaries is better than twilight the movie.

      • kiona6 says:

        i think that they did a horrible job picking the actors for edward and bella. edward is dog as ugly and so is bella. all the other actors are great though. and jacob is sexxxyyyy(:

        • Ali says:

          Yes! I totally agree. Robert Patterson looks like he was spaced out on hard drugs most of the time. I don’t think the actress that plays Bella is ugly but her acting is extremely annoying… she makes the character look as though she has nothing between her ears but air. The movie has completely massacred the books.

  18. yodawwg says:

    awesome awesome awesome
    beats the twilight movie by far.

  19. Lala says:

    twilight is still the best. edward cullen is the best vampire ever

    • Shannon Pattinson says:


      • Aisha says:

        Yup Twilight is much easier & more interesting 2 read than the vampire diaries. But the r all good in their own ways even True blood. The difference is Twilight can be re watched several times…

  20. lexi says:

    hotbar contains lots of virus and harmful stuff

  21. kiona6 says:

    The only thing they got right in this series are the names. Elena is supposed to have blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Stefan and Damen are supposed to have black hair and Italian accents. Bonnie is supposed to be a bubbly, curly haired, red head. Elena doesn’t even have a brother, she has a little sister that’s like 4. I like this show, but they didn’t do a good job going by the book.

  22. Sam says:

    Is the Vampire Diaries kind of a carry on from L.J.Smith’s other Night World vampire books?

  23. :) says:

    no, the story line is different and in night world they have witches and werewolves.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    Yea, Nightworld is completely different, but just as exciting. ^^

  25. Shannon Pattinson says:

    well let me just tell you hoees who are slagging off twilight that you are sooo wrong!
    twilight is the bestest thing ever, it a much better love story! this girl lets face it is a slag ! bella is sweet and shy thats what make the book goood !
    edward cullen is better then both those dudes put together – robert pattinson is a million times sexier then them ! And they andit as sweet and romantic as edward. and duhhh they have no cooool cullens in this show which makes it stink !
    im sorry vampire diaries fans but twilight is much better, butt i will say that i am enjoying the shows!


    • duchresse says:

      i totaly agree since we are enjoying the show =)

      TWILIGHT FOREVERRR ;) friend

    • Stefan S. and Elena S. says:

      sorry twlight fans but don’t you ever insalt TVD or I’ll kick ass to any one who does

  26. Georgia says:

    First i thougt TVD is a copy of Twilight BUT… TVD is written in 1991 Twilight is written in 2005 so Twilight is a copy of TVD. And THIS is about better then Twilight. I mean twilight is rubbish…. TVD is cool and soo much more dramatic and romantic .
    So i am to 100 % Team TVD and by the way … I love Ian Somerhalder he´s hot and a real Man. And Paul is the same. Not like littel boy Robert Pattinson and ” I am a Star but i am only 17 ” TayTay . So … my Rather to Lisa Smith … go to Police. Stephenie Meyer had stoel your great Book. And by the Way. Lisa wrote another Book (The Secret Circle 1992)And even that sounds so after Twilight ….
    Well thats my opiniom who thinks something else… don´t say it to me it don´t intrest me that is my opiniom and i am proud on it and the rest goes straight throug my ass… so by

    And Love to all the Vampire Diaries Fans … and a wish for dead to all Twilight Fans (=

    ( That is my Charakter …. )


  27. politicgirl says:


  28. khim says:

    i don’t know why people keeps on fighting and comparing twilight and vampire diaries .
    lol you guys were not the same you know she can likes this and she can likes that god come on people .. nonesense both are good i guess..

  29. Elena says:

    it’s weird for me, because my name it’s Elena too and my boyfriend’s name it’s Stefan too and my brother’s name it’s Jeremy too ! But he’s older than me and my boyfriend isn’t a vampire… :’(

  30. Elena says:

    I hate Twilight ! Vampire Diaries it’s so much better than twilight…. bella’s an idiot, i think Elena is a really strong girl… the opposite of bella , edward cullen it’s obviously an copy from stefan and damon it’s so sexier than edward. twilight sucks… It’s RUBBISH ! I hate it !! Vampire diaries it’s so more romantic and exciting than all of the books from twilight saga… my apologize to twilght fans but twilight really sucks !
    Vampire Diaries it’s the best novel ever ! L.J Smith, thanks for create it !!

    xoxo Elena … :)

  31. Elena says:

    Ithink that twilight really sucks. I hate it !!! i love stefan and damon and i think that elena and stefan make a wonderful couple !! twilight its a cheap copy from VD and i dont know how twilight being famous ! twilight it’s horrible, Vampire Diaries it’s romantic, exciting and awesome !! I love it!

    xoxo Elena…

  32. Merel says:

    I really wan’t to see this episode but it doens’t work and I don’t know how to installed and that stuff

  33. tanya says:

    you shall not download this episode to see it. i tryed but it took about an hour so i klick´t on the link where there standing see the clip online. and here we go:)

  34. Elena Iaziti says:

    K so I think Vampire Diaries is WAY better then Twilight and all that crap! I think the guys are WAY hotter then Twilight. And plus Twilight coped off Vampire Diaries. Vampire Diaries is better all together!!!

  35. Sterling says:

    first I like both the BOOK SERIES of BOTH Twilight and Vampire Diaries. BUT I dont like the tv series of the vampire diaries they dont follow the books at all everything is either missing/changed. caraline isn’t supposed to be best friends with Elana she is supposed to be her biggest human enemy. And where is Meredith elana’s other friend and her sister who is supposed to be 4yrs and not a 17yr old boy. i’m going to keep watching but i’m dreading how its going to turn out. If everyone is going to debate something forget who copied what and focus on how the directors and writers completely butchered a really good book series at least with twilight they didnt mess with the characters names and ages or leave anyone out. I agree with the actor choices being completely bad in thhe twilight MOVIES tho

  36. Caramelka says:

    please, What’s his name music, in 2 episode .. in time 11:35 ?? please! :)))

  37. VampireGirl says:

    The Vampire Diaries is better like Twilight! Book and Movie too! I love Paul Wesley! <3

  38. zain says:

    i am zain

  39. Olive Truont says:

    So I like chicks with large racks. Get over yourself!

  40. Babara Foskey says:

    Does this work for Gamecube games on the Wii? Like Sonic Gems?

  41. Dorian Lenn says:

    I watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai & K3G today. Both beautiful indian movies with quality story unlike the crap today.

  42. und losverdienen says:

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